CAGR Calculator

Absolute Return:

Total Amount Invested: 10,000

Total Gains: 10,000

Absolute Return: 100.00%

CAGR Return:

Total Amount Invested: 10,000

Total Gains: 10,000

CAGR Return: 14.87%

What is CAGR?

CAGR, or the compound annual growth rate, is an indicator of how well an investment or a business is performing in a dynamic market. It is an indicator of business or organisational growth over a period of time. CAGR is calculated using a CAGR calculator.

A formula is used to calculate CAGR. However, CAGR calculators are available online quickly and for free. This online calculator is an organised and accurate approach for calculating any business or investment's CAGR.

Need For Using The CAGR Calculator.

A business or organisation needs a CAGR calculator, as this calculation accounts for the time involved in the return generated from an investment. Thus, this is a more relatable calculation and a better indicator of growth than absolute returns.

The final figure arrived at by using the CAGR calculator indicates the exact rate of investment growth in the specific period at the same rate when the returns are reinvested continuously (compounded) at the end of each year within that timeframe.

CAGR is a helpful tool for organisations or businesses as it precisely measures investment growth as well as decline over the period.

What Analysis Can You Derive With The Help Of The CAGR Calculator?

The figures arrived at by using the CAGR calculator are used to:

  • Trace business growth over time, and if the reinvestment of profits is a sound decision.
  • Compare different investment options based on CAGR indices.
  • Compare the relative growth of your organisation with that of the market leaders in the same domain.

For instance, to compare the growth of your mutual fund investment over the period, you can use the CGR calculator to determine the exact rate of return on your investment and then compare it to the benchmark return to see if you have made a sound decision or not.

Advantages Of Using The CAGR Calculator.

The CAGR Calculator is an easy-to-use and straightforward tool that anyone can use for the following advantages:

  • Get an accurate picture of your ROI
  • Determine how much you should invest to maximise returns over a specified period.
  • Facilitate long-term influx plans
  • Compare business returns with the benchmarks and evaluate the performance.

This concept is specifically beneficial for analysing investment performance and comparing stocks, mutual funds, or business performance over a period of time. It uses a standard rate of compounding for calculating the return, avoiding overestimation.

The higher the CAGR, the greater the growth rate of the investment over the period, which is a positive sign for investors.


No set percentage is a promising CAGR. However, for the most advantageous investment in equities or income, the optimal CGR should be higher than the rate of interest on a savings account.

Yes, it can be used to calculate average monthly growth. However, you have to replace the number of years with the number of months.

CAGR is calculated over a fixed interval in which the returns are reinvested or compounded. This can be used to calculate the return on a stock, or venture capitalists can calculate the growth rate of their potential investment using this formula. On the other hand, the average annual growth rate gives the average increase in the value of an investment or stock over a period without accounting for compounding. Hence, CAGR presents a more realistic picture of the return on investment. It indicates the overall financial health and stability of the business, stock, or mutual fund.

No, the CAGR is an indicative figure of return on investment, and it does not indicate investment risk. However, it can be negative if the investment has experienced a decline in its value over the specified period.

Yes, CAGR is a reliable indicator when comparing the performance of two companies. With the help of CAGR results, forecasting the company's future growth is facilitated. It is globally used as a performance and growth comparison tool.

No, compounding frequency does not affect CAGR. This standardised measure assumes continuous compounding.

The CAGR calculator is often used to compare alternative investments. However, it is an indicative figure and does not show accurate returns as investment grows at different rates during a specified period.

The CAGR indicator helps investors and organisations check how much they have achieved as a return on investment over the period. Or, they can check how much they should invest to achieve the specific investment goal in a fixed period.

The CAGR formula does not account for volatility, assuming the investment growth during that time was steady. However, returns on investments are mostly uneven, except for investments like bonds held to maturity, fixed deposits, and more.

The compound annual growth rate can be negative, implying investment has decreased or diminished over a given period rather than increasing.